Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots Online

Progressive slot machines for money have gigantic jackpots but are more difficult to win.  If you do end up hitting the jackpot, the return is amazing but less likely to actually happen.  One of the most valuable pieces of advice when playing progressive slots is to use the maximum bet at all times.  If you are not playing a progressive slot using the maximum bet, you have no possibility of winning the mega-jackpot.  That is what progressive slots are all about in the first place, hitting the jackpot that machines networked together create for the players. 

Why are the odds slightly lower for progressive slot machines?  A set amount of the payoff percentage used to award winnings to the players is used to create the mega-jackpot.  Once a player hits the progressive mega-jackpot, the jackpot level is returned to zero to progressively build up another one.    Even if you are not playing with the maximum number of coins to be eligible for the mega-jackpot, you still contribute to the overall mega-jackpot amount.  That's why it is recommended to only play using the max bet.  Why throw an opportunity like that away on conservatism. 

Now that you understand the circumstances involved in playing a progressive slot, lets take a look at an in-depth strategy.  Even progressive slot machine players use certain strategical methods to win.  "Advantage players" are players who only play the progressive slot machines when the odds are in their favor.  These savvy individuals sometimes create groups of players in an attempt to take advantage of slot scenarios where the likelihood of winning is great.  Utilizing cell phones, working in shifts, and using replacement players to give tired ones a much needed rest are some of the ways "Advantage players" use strategy to put the odds in their favor.  In some casinos, engaging in this behavior is considered to be cheating and will result in immediate ejection from casino play. 

Progressive jackpots have what is called a "Break-Even" point.  This is the point in a slot machines cycle where the odds have changed to be in favor of the player and not the house.  Calculating the return on a slot machine is usually not possible because this determination cannot be made without the published pay table AND the unpublished reels. Some casinos will publish their reels to give players a better chance at calculating the return structure, but not all will be this generous.