Loose slots

Taking advantage of loose slots

Loose Slots - How To Take Advantage Of Slots Ready to Pay Out

"Loose" is a term given to slot machines that are statistically ready to pay out. This means that finding a loose slot machine and performing spins gives you an exceptionally better chance at winning. The hunt is on for loose slot machines in casinos everywhere, and players who are lucky enough to find them say it's like finding a pot of gold. Want to know what we're talking about? Look at the information below, and good luck finding the loose slots.

Although they are few and far between, loose slots are worth the time it takes to find them. A "loose" machine should not be confused to be a different type of machine than other slot machines of it's same kind. Loose machines are simply machines that have not paid out in awhile, making them more likely to be winners for the gamblers. As an example, if one machine has a configuration set to hit the jackpot once every 8,000 spins, then a machine that has been played for 7,000 spins without someone winning the jackpot would be considered "loose". That's great, now you know exactly what a loose machine is, step two is sniffing them out.

Usually, machines that are in easy view of the casino players is a safe place to start the hunt. The more easily visible it is, the more likely a large number of players have graced the machine with their patronage. Thusly, the more people to continually play an individual machine, the more likely it is to be loose. So find the machine that first catches your eye as you walk into the casino. Take into consideration however, that gambling is sometimes a dirty game.

Loose machines hunters have sometimes been known to form groups of people who try and find the loosest machines. That means they may already be alerted to your presence before you even get to the casino. Crafty world isn't it? These machine hunting "groups" are outlawed from the larger scale casinos by financial force, so be sure to play at a reputable casino if you want to have a chance to find a loose machine.

Singlehandedly, hunting for a loose machine is completely acceptable. It's when greed drives people to take advantage of the system, thusly preventing other people from winning that forces the casino to take action.