Winning at Slots

How To Win At Slots!

Slots aren't based on pure luck like some may think.  In order to win, you must learn how the slots function and the best method of approach to use.  Instead of simply pressing the play button and hoping for the best, you would be better off trying to implement a strategy that has been proven to work.  Lets look at a few strategies the professionals use to increase their percentage of winning pulls. 

How To Win At Slots: One of the most common strategies is called Up The Steps.  This strategy works using a logical approach.  No matter what you start your slot gambling endeavor with, bet the minimum amount to begin with.  For demonstrative purposes, the minimum bet amount for this slot machine is 1 coin.  Continue betting this 1 coin amount until you hit your first win.  Then "step up" your gambling amount to the next available bet level of 2 coins.  As soon as you lose betting 2 coins, "step down" back to betting 1 coin at a time.  If you hit a winning streak, that's great!  Continue stepping up.  However, as soon as you lose a slot pull, "step down" to the next lowest betting amount.  If you continue to lose, continue stepping down back to the minimum betting amount.  This strategy ensures that you don't get yourself into trouble by betting foolish amounts.  Because the amount you bet is based on your win/loss ratio, it works fairly well to maximize your playing time and prolong your bankroll.

How To Win At Slots: The second most common strategy in slots are called "patterns".  Using patterns is a slightly more aggressive approach than using the "Up The Steps" strategy.   Instead of basing the game play on winning or losing pulls, your bets are actually a predetermined pattern that you formulate before starting to play.  After you create your pattern, your series of bets will look something like this:  1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1  If after running through this predefined sequence of bets you are left with a profit, pocket the extra winnings and run the sequence again.   If you wind up losing three consecutive betting sequences, don't keep feeding the losing slot machine.  Look for a looser machine with better odds.  Keep a piece of scratch paper with you to record your win/loss ratio.  If the machine you are playing is a consistent loser, move on to a different machine.